Four reasons why I send longer emails than you like to receive

  1. I am considerate and respectful of your list of priorities. I have something you need to know which is important but not urgent. Rather than disturb you from what could be important and urgent, I will just write it down and ping it over. When you open your email you can now decide what priority this should hold and act accordingly. I suppose I could put yet another half an hour meeting into your calendar which could be covered by a well written email… if you prefer?
  2. If I send a note as an FYI we can both easily and conveniently keep, copy or forward it where it needs to go. This alleviates more meetings and is particularly helpful when you don’t know who needs to know the information.
  3. This message does not need a immediate reply, which a meeting a impromptu conversation can imply. I would like to give you an opportunity to think on it and get back to me when you have had the chance to do so.
  4. People can have a tendency to interrupt before a message is delivered and take the focus in the wrong direction. Some messages need to be delivered in a beginning/middle/end structure in order to be effective. If you interrupt at the beginning you will miss the message and we will waste more time than reading a long email because we need to keep circling back to the beginning.




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